Pakistan Journal of American Studies (PJAS) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal produced by Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America as part of its research and publication program. PJAS is published bi-annually in March and September every year. The journal is focused on research at the intersection of the humanities and social sciences in American Studies. PJAS welcomes articles on U.S. History, Literature, Politics, Foreign and Security Policy, Culture and the US Soft Power. The PJAS holds unique position being first and only of its kind to focus on American Studies in Pakistan.

Aims and Objectives

The journal aims to:

  • produce quality analytical and theoretical research that pertains to the historical, contemporary, and future significance of the United States vis-à-vis its engagement with other regions and countries, particularly South Asia and Pakistan
  • provide stimulating research on all aspects of the U.S. society for both academic and non-academic readers and from national and international authors
  • disseminate cutting-edge research with maximum open access options for free exchange of knowledge and expertise provide a platform for the publication of high quality academic and policy research